100wc week#27 The project

Racing thought the door a drop of sweat dripping down my cheek, as I got to my table I was looking at everyone else science project, I got the slightness shiver in my back. My project is ''Will a rabbit go faster then a turtle and mouse ?'' So as I watched the judges coming too me I took a breath and as the turtle and rabbit and mouse where at the starting line and was off I watched in excitement, Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress and the mouse scurried straight across the finish line. Then I still got silver to Mr explore your nose guy.


The fire trunk came on outside but why? So I slowly I kept behind a bush watching the fire man trunk appeared they where there to get a cat out of the tree again . I saw the neighbors cat goldfish frighted in the tree.  They took very long hose the color of brown bark and as they flew to the rescues. They grabbed their ladder and recused goldfish in no time.

100wc week#21 Yoga

Walking through the park in the scorching hot sun, lucky I was wearing a green tank top and green leggings and carrying some water in my hand. As I walked to yoga I was felling better, but this was not any yoga it was my yoga and all of nature came to fell better to start the day of humans. There was leaves  going in lunge and dogs doing downward dog and hippos doing sumo squats and trees in plank. Then everyone stared at me but of course they did I'm mother nature after all.

THE stocker

This is the story of a frightening stocker! When I was young I got an adorable stuffy named Fifa and she was my world.  We sang and I even told secrets but she never could really talk anyway. But since I was getting older I forgot about her. She keep appearing in weird spots. So when I went outside I knew she was going to appeared but where just like the elf on the shelf that Fifa throw away then out of no where it came down the drain pipe and just stared. I could never get rid of that memorie.

100wc week#17happynew year

Tomorrow is a incomparable day, its the end of 2017 and I'm going to see the colorful stars that come out every year. Thrilled, as I cycled to the store to get confetti poppers.

                                                                  Next day

The clock was so slow, finial I accelerated out the door and followed the stars but lots of adults talking about boarding school covered my way so I slithered through the crowd under their legs. Before I had a chance to remove the leaves off, my eyes caught a dazzling red star that exploded in the sky. ''I cant wait for next year,'' I whispered under my breath.

100wcweek14 no day

Fire running through my veins when I glare throw the window. Climbing out of bed I ran down stairs and got my clothes on. Rushing to the bathroom washing my face with two hands. Scampering across the floor I got my books and supplies for school then I got some breakfast like banana bread,banana yogurt,banana milk shake and a banana. ''Finley,I'm done!'' I said sounding relived. I turned on my computer and it stated that there will be no school for anyone today. I was so really frustrated that I bulldozed that computer straight to the inner cord of earth.


Dripping sound of hot steaming milk and chewy chocolate cookies. It was the 24th of December and all day I had tingle feelings in my body. So as it turned 11:55 I knew he was going to be here soon. I sprinted up the stairs and feel into a deep dream.  I got up from the noises downstairs. Skipping across the floor to the light, I saw a jolly old man with rosy cheeks and his eyes glisten. When I was peeking by the stairs with my stuffed bunny he turned around and I tried to leave but the tiger was blocking our escape out of the bag.